Kruger Park Safari Tours

Our Kruger Park tours are designed so you can experience an African safari in a fun, affordable and adventurous way.Based on years of experience, we have put together a safari package to help you explore the world-famous Kruger National Park and the private Sabi Sands Reserve through private, guided and self-drive safaris.

Our customizable Kruger Park safari packages take the guess work out of planning and save you time. We offer spacious and modern accommodations at our Kruger Park Lodge 6-sleeper chalet mixed with private, guided safaris into Kruger and the Sabi Sands. For under $120/person/night a family of four can experience 4 nights at our comfortable chalet located on a four-star resort and close to many amenities and restaurants. The rate also includes a full-day safari into the world-famous Kruger National Park and ahalf-day safari with a boma dinner in the world-renowned private Sabi Sands Reserve.

Click on the tabs above for details or email us at info[AT]mykrugerlodge.comfor details and to discuss packages. We are also on skype: heetenkalan. If you are based in the United States, please note that we are Boston-based so can easily set-up a call for that personal touch.

Which Kruger Safari?

You've been there: searched for safari companies and lodges and become inundated with pages of information. Where do you stay? Do you self-drive or use a guide? Do you buy a travel package? Travel with others? Private reserve or a public park? We take the best of all worlds and offer a Kruger safari that combines self-driving with a guided safaris into Kruger Park and the private Sabi Sands.

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A Safari Just for You!

While there are plenty of luxury tour companies as well as pre-planned budget and modestly priced tour outfits offering African safaris, we are here to help you discover Kruger Park in a fun, easy and affordable way.

You know the images: dining al fresco at linen tableclothed tables in the African wild; pampered tourists sipping “sundowners” in the sunset; wildlife photographers with 2-foot long camera lenses zooming in on a male lion. Very “Out of Africa”. Great stuff, but it’ll cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars. The truth is, you don’t have to be a wildlife expert or well-resourced in order to experience a real safari. You might even be surprised to learn that in South Africa, anyone can just rent a car and drive around the game park while appreciating breath-taking sights. A favorite for traveling families, a self-drive safari lets you determine your own schedule and spend time with animal sightings on your terms, your schedule, your budget and your timing. For a well-rounded experience, our safaris combine the self-driving with a guided safaris into Kruger Park and the private Sabi Sands.

Why a Kruger National Park Safari?

South Africa's flagship game park, the Kruger National Park, is enormous (nearly 2 million hectares), about the size of northern Ireland or the state of Connecticut, and is teeming with lions, elephants, rhino, giraffe, leopards, honey badgers, kudus, impalas, zebras, buffaloes and numerous bird, insect and plants species.

Established in 1898, Kruger is called home by 147 mammals, 114 reptiles, 507 birds, 34 amphibians, 49 fish and 336 trees. In addition to the fauna and flora, Kruger offers visitors the chance to view rock paintings and visit the ancient archaeological sites of Masorini and Thulamela.

Kruger has an extensive network of tarred and dirt roads and each gate and camps sells a detailed map with dams, picnic spots, hides, distances, and an animal and bird indentification guide. Withing fiften minutes of entering the park, this map will be your new best friend.

All you need is a rental car, binoculars and a good camera. You're one simple email away from starting your safari adventure.

Kruger Night Drive

Why Us?

Over the years, we have convinced many to visit the Kruger Park and fielded hundreds of questions about planning holidays to South Africa, eventually realizing that they we enjoyed sharing our love for safaris so much it could become a safari tour venture.

We work with clients to figure out a trip itinerary that fits their travel budget and also includes a combination of self-drive and guided safaris. A typical itinerary includes a several-day safari, a visit to the nearby elephant sanctuary and a day trip to Blyde River Canyon with its marvelous waterfalls, rock formations and miles-long views. We enjoy taking the mystery out of traveling to Africa, and we are proud to note that South Africa offers an excellent, world-class infrastructure as well as all the sights and experiences a visitor might expect. Talking over the trip with clients, we often pull out our copy of the Kruger Park map guide, and suggest customized drives within the park, peppered with anecdotes from our own safari drives there. Our personal connection to the politics and history of the country allows us to offer multiple suggestions for those looking to add to their South African safari experience.

Swagat at Kruger Park Lodge



Why Do It?

Being in Kruger Park is at once peaceful and exhilarating: it is wonderful to be disconnected from the buzz of the internet and telephones, and to just take in the unique sounds, sights, smells, the air. And nothing beats the excitement of being the ones to spot a leopard or hear a herd of 200 buffalo thundering past the car. There is truly a satisfaction and excitement in spotting animals on your own, feeling like you are really in a wildlife documentary.


Swagat at Kruger Park Lodge 2012